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Trading & Procurement

 FTL has business partnerships with international manufacturers and suppliers in special and common equipments, instruments, explosion-proof products, water and dust proof equipments, pressure vessel materials and PPE for more than 15 years. FTL has been the only agency of Cradle fluid solution and Cooper Bearing in CNOOC. FTL has provided extensive procurement services to many oilfield and petrochemical corporations; such as COPC, CACT, JHN, Seadrilling, Premium Drill, Lowbake, and more..  

 Scope of Services: 

1.      Fluid connectors:Hose and Hose Fittings, Tube Fittings, Testing Products, Flange, Ball Valves

2.      Hydraulic accessories: Accumulators, Heat Exchangers, Filtration, Air Breathers, Pressure Gauge, Level Gauge

3.      Electric Products: Pressure Sensors & Switches, Temperature Sensors & Switches, Level Sensors & Switches, Force Sensors

4.      System Products: Filter Cart, Portable Sensor Control, Pilot System, Load Monitor System, Oil Contamination Equipment.

5.      Cooper Bearing.

6.      Drilling Tool and Oil Production Equipment

7.      Plate, Shape, Pipe

8.      Pipe Fitting, Valve, flange, gasket, Fastener, Hardware

9.      Electrical, Instrument and Mechanical Equipment

10.    Lifting & Rigging Tools & Equipment

11.    Chemicals (paint, carbinol, glycol, fuel additive, industrial oil etc).

12.    Anti-slip material & Grating

13.    HSE Product, Personal Protective Equipment, Fire Fighting facilities

14.    Industrial Consumable



1.      CNGC Jianlu  Electromechanical Science &Technology CO., LTD. 

2.      COSCO Group Shipyard CO., LTD. 

3.      Sany Group

4.      Liuzhou Iron & Steel CO, LTD.

5.      Nanjin Iron & Steel CO. LTD

6.      Xinyu Iron& Steel CO. LTD

7.      Xianggang Iron & STEEL COMPANY ,LTD

8.      Anyang Iron & Steel CO., LTD

9.      Baoshan Iron & Steel CO. LTD.

10.    Pipe, plate, pipe fitting, valves and electrical instrument for CACT company.

11.    Plate supplying for Lowbake, (Australian)

12.    Drilling equipments and tools, consumable material for seadrill company.

13.    Drilling equipments and tools, consumable material for Beta company.

14.    Grating supplying for DavCon (Australia)

15.    Air conditioner system supplying for Busch(USA) AHU

16.      Project Procurement services for CNOOC Biolux New Energy Project (270,000 tons/year of fatty acid methyl esters) in Nantong, Jiangsu


  (A) Metal Material

All type of Plate, Mould Material, Steel, Iron, Aluminum, Copper are according With GB, ANSI, ASTM Standard




(B) Pipe and Fittings Material: Steel, copper, PVC

Pipe, Flange, Gasket ,Bolt, Elbow, Tee, all meet with GBASMEAPI standard for Local and imported



(C)   GratingScaffoldSlip-proof plate, anti-slip( as: stair landing tread)


(D)  Equipment & Instrument


A: Ceramic Ball Valves  B: Ball Valves  C: PPR Union Ball Valve 

D: 2pc External Screw Ball Valve  E: Butterfly Valves  F: Glove Valve  G: Safety Valve     H: Release Valve  I: Breath Valve


1)Filter  2)HVAC Equipment  3)Air Compressor 4)Water Treatment Equipment 5)Heat Exchanger 6)Motor 7)Battery 8)Marine Communication Facility  9)Hand Disinfector 10)Humidity 11)Power Generator  12)Vacuum  13)Refrigerator  14)Analysis Meter


a)Pressure Gaugeb\c)Flow Meterd)Thermometere)Gas Transmitterf)Temperature Transmitter

(E)  Hardware Tools

Electric power driven, pneumatic ,hand toolsgrinding disc, all series tools and products by brand of CROMWELLRIDGIDSATASTANLEYMakita, BOSCH, Grainger, McMaster, ISSA .


(F)     Shipping Device

1)Wire Rope Clips  2)Wire Rope Clips   3)Slip Hook  4)Triple Spur Gear Hand Hoist  5)SPA Shackles  6/7) Wire Rope   8)mooring ropesPolypropylene 9) Container 10) Crane  11) Hoist Machine 12) Brown Willow Laundry Basket 13) Hand Hoist 14) Hot Rolled Steel- Strip

15) Block and tackle 16) Fork, Pushcart



AAnnular BOP, Single Ram BOP, Double Ram BOP. and all BOPs

BChoke and kill manifold   C  )valve     D) control system

are systemically produced strictly a ording to API SPEC 16A,  technical specification API,




(H)    Welding MachineWelding Material

 Insulation Material Sealing MaterialFibreglass Pipe & Its Fittings Glues


 (I) HSE facilities (materials)

PPE: Personal Protective Equipment  

RespiratorGloveGlassesShoesEarplugCotton RagsBag Trash

As brand of DUPONTNORTH3MSAFTY LABVALLEN and local all series product

(J)  Fire, Lifesaving Products

1)Distinguishers 2)Fire Valves  3)Fire Hose  4)Fire Jacket 5)Life Raught 6)Life Ring 7)Smoke Signal  8)Life Rope 9)Life Food


(K) Cleaning and protect skin product for offshore, office, personal using

(L)  Chemicals

1)paint 2)hydrochloric acidvitriolcarbinolglycolfuel additivelubricanttransformer oilrefrigerationantisepsisexperiment reagent

(M)  Electrical Products

Subsea Cables, Conjunctions, Cable Trays, Explosion-Proof Fan and Air-Con Units

Insulated Product:

A:Insulated Ring Terminal(China)   B: Motor Mounting Plate



Ms. Chen,  Shenzhen Fairness Trading Limited

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Mr. Liu,  Fairness Science & Technology Development (Shenzhen) Ltd.

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 Mr. Zhao, Ms. Li,  Fairness Offshore Oil Engineering (Tianjin) Limited   

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