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Oil & Gas Projects

Oil and gas construction projects are a core business of Fairness Group.  Fairness has already set up cooperation relationships with well-known energy companies and operations agents, and is one of the main contracted service companies at CNOOC, CACT Group, Shell, Kerr-McGee, Rockoil, and others. Fairness Group is a long-standing provider of timely, high quality, and efficient services.




 1.         Upgrading, fabrication, inspection of oil& gas construction project.

2.         Engineering design, modification, fabrication, inspection of ship and marine facilities

3.         Design, manufacturing, and maintenance of skid equipment.

4.         Engineering design, modification, fabrication, inspection of pipe and steel construction

5.         Design, installation, maintenance of electrical and instrumentation projects

6.         Rope Accesses Operating.


 Typical Cases:

1.         Dock maintenance project of XJ and CACT FPSO.

2.         Subsea pipeline fabrication of POC

3.         Design, testing and fabrication of CACTSubsea pipeline clamp

4.          Design, fabrication and installation flare boom of HYSY 98 deep water drilling rig

5.         Supervision and installation of Lisha Long-distance oil pipeline.

6.         Living quarter modification of HZ19-2, XJ24-3/30-2,PL19-3

7.         Modification and installation of XJ24-3/30-2 Oily water processing system

8.         Installation of main generators in XJ24-3 and HYSY 112.


  • Fairness offshore engineering (Tianjin) limited.

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  • Shenzhen Fairness Machinery Equipment & Structure Limited.

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